Thursday, February 27, 2014

Groovy Groover

Susan Groover!  
That name needs an exclamation point.  I could dedicate a seperate blog to just her and what she does in her classroom daily.  She is a teacher that I look up to greatly.  She loves teaching and it surely shows in everything she does.  Just step into her classroom and the love of learning is evident everywhere! 

I was in her room yesterday, showing her and her 3rd grade counter-parts a tool that I thought they would enjoy, and she showed me something that just made my day.  Her niece Alison is battling cancer, and through Susan, the students in her class have gotten to "know" Alison.  They ask Susan about her all the time and are very concerned for her.  The students created this video message for Alison to make sure she keeps "HOPE" alive and Fight, Fight, Fight.  They are so very proud of this video, so if you recognize any of these singers, tell them you saw their video!!!

I'm so happy I know you Susan, and am thrilled to call you a friend!

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