Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Class of 2000WHAT???

Mrs. Barse's classroom

The adoption of the Common Core has sought to bring college (awareness and readiness) to the elementary level. At first glance the two educational levels couldn't be farther apart. Many teachers scoffed at the idea of talking about college to elementary students: they werent sure where to start, they didnt see the relevance, they were just getting them to tie their shoes.
Once we thought about it, we realized that bringing college to elementary school students didn't have to be so daunting. It can be as simple as a bulletin board in your classroom, just like the one I saw in Cheryl Ismail's third grade classroom.

Mrs. Ismail's bulletin board
Another great idea to bring college into your classroom I saw in Erin Barse's third grade classroom.  She had students already thinking college because they had siblings in college (thankfully the idea of college is not that foreign to our students).  She decided to have her students "apply" to the college of their choice and pick their "major".


 With a few simple lessons or even conversations with your students, you can create an atmosphere of college or career readiness. Thanks again to Mrs. Ismail and Mrs. Barse for letting me visit in your classrooms and pass on your ideas.

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